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Life can be a tangle of challenges. It’s sometimes hard to know where to start or what to do.
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    Affordable Coaching Sessions

    I love the process of coaching. That is why I keep my rates affordable.
    I enjoy the co-creative process and working together over time we will achieve great things.

    30-Minute Session

    Great for Guidance & Goal Setting

    We focus on whatever is most pressing for you. If there’s only one thing you want to focus on this is a great option.

    $90 per half hour session


    Longer sessions with Guidance, Goals & Solutions

    We will delve deeply into all the things that may be challenging you. I will offer needed tools, insights, and support for the best path forward.

    $150 per hour session

    “I began working with Jennifer shortly after a sudden tragedy shook my being harder than anything else ever had before. I had already taken the summer off from professional school to heal, rest, and prioritize my needs. I had already met with a psychologist who assessed that I was grieving appropriately and sent me on my way. I thought I had a handle on moving forward, until my classes resumed in the fall. Instead of studying intently and learning incrementally (as I had done for many years in the past), I found myself reading pages and pages without comprehending or remembering a single word. There was a loop of unexpressed, unnamed feelings replaying in my subconscious, blocking my thought processes. I feared my academic days—and with them a big part of my identity—were slipping away.

    Enter Jennifer Blaine.

    Through our regular meetings over the past two years, this talented and intuitive coach has helped me to process my overwhelming and dynamic emotions by learning to acknowledge, name, and move through them. I am realizing that the immense grief I hold is not mine to bear alone and that my story is still unfolding.

    Since we first met, Jennifer has helped me through the death of a younger sibling, moving across the country, choosing a medical specialty, and growing into a competent and confident doctor. She has an unparalleled gentle wisdom and an astute ability to empathize; I am in perpetual awe of her skill of taking the jumble of thoughts I bring to her at each session and returning them to me as a sort of neatly packaged life guide that is both challenging and validating. At every session, Jennifer patiently reminds me that I can accept (and even love) myself despite my imperfections in that moment. I am still growing into my best self, and my conversations with Jennifer are crucial in helping to facilitate that growth. Honestly, I recommend her coaching services to my friends and family members on a near-weekly basis because she has been one of the most positive and productive forces in my own personal development. Every hour that I spend talking with her serves as a necessary, insightful “reset” for my mind and spirit, without fail.”

    —Buffy Dekmar, medical student, creative, educator