“Jennifer is my wing woman! Invaluable support reaching for my ideal life. Jennifer has completely transformed my life. Our talks have invited me into a limitless space in myself. I would recommend this priceless experience to anyone who needs proof that they themselves are the all-powerful source in their lives.”

“I retain Jennifer for the perspective
she provides. She makes it possible for me to know
what is best to do, what action I should take next, and how to feel better immediately.”

“I enjoy having Jennifer sort my thoughts out.
It’s like putting rocks, sand and muck in a strainer
and sifting through and keeping only the gems.”

“Jennifer provides a safe, supportive environment
to explore my most audacious goals and dreams
— and to
help me reach them. She offers incredibly wise insights and practical ideas to put into action right away.”

“Your work saves lives. You saved my life.”

“I better understand what may have been holding me back from success in the past. I have gained clarity in my career path, as well as ideas for new directions to pursue. I’ve been able to ask for — and receive — the money I deserve.”

“I feel 30 pounds lighter at the end
of the session. I just love Jennifer Blaine!”

“Jennifer deeply cares for and connects with the
people she coaches. She has an amazing memory that
informs her guidance of my career path. I always feel like I make a leap forward in my life after meeting with her. The bottom line is that her coaching works wonders!”

“Through our regular meetings over the past two
years, this talented and intuitive coach has helped
me to process my overwhelming and dynamic emotions by learning to acknowledge, name, and move through them. I am realizing that the immense grief I hold is not mine to bear alone and that my story is still unfolding.”

“You taught me how to see people.”

Do you wish you had someone who listened to you
and could deeply understand what you felt?

Someone who honored you and offered insights
that would radically upgrade your life immediately?

My coaching helps you honor yourself.
You’ll know what you really want and you’ll create it.

It’s time to create your life.

Mission Statement:

Last week I met with a new client for their first session. They laid out all their challenges, and the daunting array of possibilities of what they might do and why they were overwhelmed and stuck. I listened intently and within 7 or 8 minutes, guess what? We moved onto creating exactly what they needed. It was nothing short of miraculous. I want that for you and every client I work with.
Life can be a tangle of challenges. It’s sometimes hard to know where to start or what to do. I will support you to know what really works for you, and have a way forward. You are unique. That’s why I tailor every session to what you most need. My coaching helps you honor yourself. You’ll know what you really want and you’ll create it.
It’s time to create your life.

It’s Time to Listen to and Honor Yourself


Do you want to make a change in your life but feel overwhelmed about where to start?

Self Regard

Do you compare your hardship to others and then talk yourself into thinking yours is not that big of a deal?

Level Up

Have you received great feedback on your work but you don’t know how to take it to the next level?

Better Process and Results

Have you tried other healing modalities to work on yourself but are frustrated when things didn’t actually change?


Do you have a major challenge in a relationship that you can’t resolve no matter what you try?


Do you have a dream for your life, relationship, or work, but get overwhelmed and end up doing nothing at all to advance it?

Areas of Expertise

Below are several types of issues I have assisted people to navigate over the years

Writer's block
Panic Attacks
Increasing your upper limit
Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur
Discovering and boosting your creativity
Knowing What You Want To Say & Saying It
Attracting and having a great relationship
Being A Fabulous Parent/Step-parent
Launching a new business
Attracting Ideal Clients
Having a Fulfilling Creative Practice

About Me

I am a creative. I bring that to everything I do. I can assist you to do the same.  As a transformational coach I have assisted hundreds of people all over the world to navigate through rocky times, become more resilient, and create what they truly need and want. I treasure meaningful conversations where things change in an instant. I look forward to having a conversation like that with you.

  • Certified coach of the Hendricks Institute since 1997, member of the American Counseling Association.