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How do you create a feeling of mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical health? I appreciate breathing practices because they are a great way to address each of these health areas at the same time. Having trained extensively with Drs. Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, I have practiced their “Conscious Breathing” techniques for a decade. Here is my user-friendly version:

Breathe into your diaphragm for a count of four and then release and exhale for a count of four. As you breathe in, gently arch your back, tilting your pelvis forward to accentuate the gentle c-shape in your lumbar spine. As you exhale, return to a neutral spine position. You can practice this breathing for five to ten minutes. What changes do you notice in your body when you breathe this way?

When we breathe this way, unconscious feelings and sensations may come to the surface. One of the benefits of breathing consciously is that we can breathe through stuckness. By presencing these overlooked feelings and sensations, we can revisit and recover forgotten, neglected parts of ourselves. We can feel better because we are no longer stuck. One of the benefits of being aware of our core emotions and our body sensations, is the ability to choose what we want and what we don’t want. When we are consciously breathing, we can float new intentions and thoughts through our body-mind. For instance, you can circulate thoughts of appreciation such as “I appreciate being able to hear the sound of my breath right now.” Or you can set an intention such as, “I am open and receptive to getting a better job.” When we breathe and introduce new thoughts, appreciations and intentions, we accelerate the process of receiving what we want and feeling better along the way.

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