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Ask Dr. Marge
My mother, Marge Blaine, is a phenomenal psychotherapist based in Brooklyn, N.Y. I am her biggest fan! She is in high demand, so make sure you call ahead!

The Hendricks Institute
Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks provide trainings that are absolutely spectacular. Their books include “The Conscious Heart,” “Conscious Loving,” and “Lasting Love.”

Fun Unlimited, Inc.
My dear friend, Philip Duane Johncock, offers classes on everything from Tantra, to grant writing, to increasing your genius.

Beyond Business as Usual
Another fabulous friend of mine, Anne Sagendorph-Moon, has created a wonderful 9-month course called “Permanent Prosperity” which gives you a worry-free relationship with money.

Jennifer Blaine - one-woman show
Looking for an amazing way to celebrate life? Do it with laughter. Visit my performance website to learn why critics say, “Blaine’s comic genius is like Tracey Ullman and Lily Tomlin."

Jennifer Blaine :: 709 South 17th St. :: Philadelphia PA 19146 :: 215-546-1612 :: jenniferblaine@earthlink.net