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“I have the greatest life coach in the world! I can't say enough about her. Her name is Jennifer Blaine. I have been working with her since early spring and she has literally
transformed my life. I have referred several friends to her who have all said the same thing. In fact, my three friends and I have all spent many years in and out of therapy trying to figure out what we want out of life. With Jennifer’s coaching sessions, we are generating the breakthroughs that we have all been waiting for. We have a better sense of direction, focus, overall happiness and well-being thanks to Jennifer.”
— Samantha Dolin

“All I can say is, YOU ARE AMAZING. AND THANKS! Last night was so invigorating and helpful in so many ways. And frankly, I just feel like a NEW PERSON today.
I'm feeling, actually, like my aliveness and creativity has been sparked! It's pretty wonderful to meet someone so kindred as you. It felt so great to put our heads together last night. Your insights, ideas, encouragement and energy were invaluable.”
— Karen Gross, singer-songwriter

“Thank-you for being the most awesome creativity coach in the world. I love you as big as the Milky Way.”
— Megan Sillito

“I so enjoyed your workshop. I love your playful energy and your focus on wonder and breathing! I smile when I think about the evening. It was a deepening into the Hendricks work that I so dearly love and have found so helpful. I appreciate how you have helped our Awakened Heart Community connect with their essence and the essence in each other. I love that you had us do so many experientials. Hmmmm. What a joy!”
— Kathleen Johnson, Reverend

“I appreciate your attunement to the quality of voice and what this might be indicating. I also appreciate your willingness to blurt your intuitive noticing. I am truly blessed.”
— Bob Neufeld

“A heartfelt and special thanks to Jennifer Blaine. She administered calmness when I was so tearful. Her breathing techniques and soothing ways were very helpful. Go ahead and check out Jennifer’s work. You will be so thankful that you did.”
— Desi

“Jennifer is an exquisite life coach. Her truth, compassion, knowledge and professionalism know no bounds.”
— J.B.

“She has many rare gifts that helped me through a difficult time. Everyone needs someone like Jennifer.”
— S.G.

“Jennifer is a great listener.”
— M.B.

Jennifer Blaine :: 709 South 17th St. :: Philadelphia PA 19146 :: 215-546-1612 :: jenniferblaine@earthlink.net