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How do you feel about your career? Do you feel like you are fulfilling your life purpose? Are you generating the income you desire?

I coached a woman who worked as a news editor and hated it. We identified her real life purpose. It had to involve teaching. She left her job, worked at a grocery store, and then applied to graduate school. She got a full scholarship and stipend to an Ivy League university. She is now a well-respected professor, and teaching is her greatest passion. She has the career that is best for her, engaging her genius every day in a job where she is totally happy and appreciated.

I have been quite successful at coaching people toward what they want from their careers. Caregivers. Entrepreneurs. Healers. Artists. To get started, try playing with these questions:

Do you appreciate the impact you are having on the world through your caring?

Is your vision alive and well in the world?

Are you taking time for joy?

Are you meeting all of your basic needs easefully and effortlessly?

Whatever your current vocation, you can be living your life from your purpose, creating the career you most want. In fact, the world wants you to.

To learn more about how to take an active role with your creativity and life purpose, download my White Paper “Why Be Creative?” (PDF, 112K)

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