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Jennifer Blaine dazzles through humor, creativity, and wonder and inspires other people to do the same. She has been a transformational coach since 1997. She is a member of the American Counseling Association and a certified coach of the Hendricks Institute. Jennifer teaches life-skills for creating self-esteem, conscious relationships, and life-path visioning.

As a one-woman show/comedian, she regularly tours throughout the country performing (http://www.jenniferblaine.com.) Jennifer blends her coaching methods with her performance genius to create impactful, transformational work with women in prison, students, and live audiences. She is available to work with individuals, couples, or groups.

Jennifer resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with her husband, Michael Sussman, and her Siamese cat, Magna.

Jennifer Blaine :: 709 South 17th St. :: Philadelphia PA 19146 :: 215-546-1612 :: jenniferblaine@earthlink.net